Tuesday, 28 February 2017


The garden grew these sunflowers, they were  very big.
These are our drawings of the sunflowers. Chris.
We drew them with  crayon and put on black dye. Freesia
We put the flowers on green wall and Shelley put in the staples. Edwin.
The flowers are yellow. Hope.  

Thursday, 9 February 2017

2017 first pickings

We got the sweet corn from the garden. We had put  the sweetcorn plants and sunflowers in the garden before the Xmas holidays.
In the holidays the sunflowers had enormous flowers now they have little flowers.

The cooks peeled the corn. The Sweet corn taste yummy.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Little garden 1

On Tuesday, 11 October we planted the first of our seeds. We have been given. They are being collected from New World Little garden by our friends and families.  #LittleGardenNZ . 

We put the dirt in the water and it got big and fat because it soaked up the water. 
We put some dirt in the pot, then we put in the seed paper then more dirt.
Tonja planted eggplant seeds.
Kendyl planted capsicum seeds.
Alicia planted rocket seeds.
Edwin planted radish seeds.
max planted parsley seeds.
Zakara planted spring onion seeds.
Freesia planted cres.

Shelley and Michelle worked in the garden and planted an Atlantic Pumpkin. If we are lucky by the autumn it will have grown enormous. 

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Come see us at Te Oro.

This is Te Oro. We are going to be here on Thursday and Friday.

This is the art room. It is up the stairs.  We are going to be creating art that you can help with in here with Gabriel.

These are the stairs  walk up to find the art room and us working with  Gabriel between 10 and 11 Thursday and Friday.
This is the sloping hallway we walk down to the art room. There are interesting things happening in the other rooms.

 We will be looking forward to sharing lots of exciting things with you. 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Matariki 2016

Matariki is in the middle of winter. To the Maori it is the beginning of a new year. Serena
Matariki  is about family and we are part of the Sommerville family. We shared our feast with our friends and some important teachers. Tonja
I chopped lots of vegetables because we had a big feast. Freesia
At our Matariki lunch we ate potatoes, broccoli, pumpkin, chicken, silver beet. We had cooked apple, rhubarb and hokey pokey ice cream for dessert. Everybody ate lots of food. Edwin
Matariki is about music so  I sang the song to the visitors. Kendyl
I said the karakai and remembered the  people not with us and blessed the food.  This  was  my last Matariki as a student at Sommerville. I’d like to be invited back next year as a visitor. Max

matariki2016 blog.jpg